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The sourcing service is also one of the services appreciated by most of our clients, especially those who want to take the first step of their business with China.


Because of linguistic and cultural differences, it is quite difficult to find a qualified Chinese supplier or right products for the oversea clients. Meanwhile, it is also a huge problem for most clients to collect all the requested  inforamtions and make a clear identification themselves.


With the help of experienced sourcing team of INSPECTION-CHINA, you can not only find the best supplier or product in China, but also save your time and expenses.


Since the beginning of our sourcing team, we have provided this service to many entrepreneurs who are always working with INSPECTION-CHINA to continue the growth of their business. 


Speciality in various domains

Good comprehension of client request

Industry expertise

Perfect understanding of technical issues

Rich experience

High performance cost ratio of research

Skilled communication

Efficient business negociation and good sensitivity of price

In order to provide a standard and efficient service, we have established a sourcing procedure as follows:

  • Step 1

    Evaluate the client’s request and check the details

  • Step 2

    Make a complete sourcing plan according to the client’s request

  • Step 3

    Carry out the sourcing and keep informed regularly the client

  • Step 4

    Send a sourcing summary with all the information to the client


For each sourcing project, we will propose at least 3 suppliers or products in the summary with the listed information. Meanwhile, we could also provide other documents or information according the special requirement of client.

Sample customization


The sample customization service is an additional option for the sourcing service client who wants to check the product quality and fuction with client’s own modifications.


Regarding the sample customization, the client could make his own design based on the existing product of the potential suppliers. In order to avoid the misktake, INSPECTION -CHINA  will communicate with the suppliers and follow up the operation during the whole research and development process. The operation status will be sent to the client regularly. Once the prototype is ready, we could organize the sending quickly to the client’s address.


This is a very convenient service which could help the client to save expenses and also keep the business confidentiality before the final order.