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Trade Assistance

With INSPECTION-CHINA‘s quality control, audit and sourcing services, most oversea importers or buyers could ensure the product quality with their chinese suppliers.   However, this is just one part of supply china and there are still some important challenges to be treated.

–  I need requestd some samples from different suppliers, who can arrange the collection and sending?

–  Has my suppliyer understood all the technical specification?

–  Will my supplier follow strictly my instructions?

–  Are there some problems during the production process?

–  Why nobody answered my phone call and replied my email?

–  Has my order production been really arranged? 

–  Where can I find a reliable forwarder to handle the transport and customs clearance?

–  What kind of documents should I prepare for the customs clearance? 

– I plan to go to meet my supplier in China, who can help me to organize the travel?

–  I will attend the Canton Fair next month, could I find an interpreter in advance?

In order to accomplish saftely and efficiently their purchasing operations with China,  more and more clients are asking our trade assistance services to solve the above problems.

Order following-up

Verify the status of order production and keep informed the client

Sample collection and sending

Regroup samples from different suppliers and send them to the client

Logistic Service

One-stop service to ensure a safe, efficient and low cost transport

Business travel

A well planned visit and confortable journey give you a nice stay in China 

Translation and interpretation

No more language barrier for technical document & business visit

Other Customized Services

The customized services are available to your specific demandes